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Intermediate Technical Japanese (Volume 2 – Glossary)

[Japanese complete Courses]

intermediate-technical-japanese-volume-1Intermediate Technical Japanese Volume 2 Glossary

This two-volume set is designed to prepare scientists, engineers and translators to read Japanese technical documents. The reader is presumed to have already studied Japanese for at least one year. These volumes were prepared for use in a two-semester sequence of technical Japanese courses at the intermediate level, but they are also well suited for use as self-study materials. The primary objectives are to help the reader build a technical vocabulary in Japanese, to reinforce the reader’s understanding of important grammatical constructions, to improve the reader’s reading-comprehension ability, and to provide practice in translating technical passages from Japanese into English. Authentic materials have been incorporated, so that the reader will gain exposure to realistic examples that include frequently used grammatical patterns and essential vocabulary items. The disciplines covered in these volumes are mathematics, computer science, physics, mechanical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and advanced materials.

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