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Listen and Predict – あげく

~あげく (~After) The beginning of the phrase expresses longtime anguish or trouble over something, while the latter of phrase expresses ...
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Listen and Predict – いかなる~でも

いかなる~でも (Whatever~) Because the ~ part is extreme or difficult, the person refuses to accept it. Ex: いかなる人ひとでも、入はいることはできません。 No one ...
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Listen and Predict – いかに~ても/でも

いかに~ても/でも (No matter how~) Although the ~ part includes positive elements, if the latter part is negative, then the whole ...
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Listen and Predict – いかにも

いかにも (Indeed) 「いかにも~そうだ」is used to mean that the subject, according to one's judgement, looks very ~. However, the actual situation ...
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Listen and Predict – いったい

いったい (Why/how/etc. on earth) 「いったい」is added to the front of an interrogative sentence to emphasize your inability to understand the ...
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Listen and Predict – 一度~たら

一度~たら (Once you've decided ~) 1. This phrase expresses the advice that one should not change his/her mind once he/she ...
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