あまり (amari)

JLPT N3 Grammar List

so much… that

too much, Due to a condition/state being in excess, a result occurs.

Amari can function as a notype adjectival noun that means ‘overwhelming’ or
‘excessive.’ When used before
da/desu, it becomes anmari.


Verb-dictionary form + あまり
Verb-casual, past + あまり
いadj-さform + のあまり
なadj + あまり


Ureshi-sa no amari, kare wa namida o nagashimashita.
He was so happy that he cried.

Kanojo wa amari no ikari de kotoba mo denakatta.
Such was her anger that she was lost for words.

Amari no shiawase ni namida ga tomarimasen.
I cannot stop my tears because of my overwhelming happiness.

Wakareru nante sore wa anmari da.
It is too heartless of you to leave me.

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