ということだ (to iu koto da)

JLPT N3 Grammar List

I’ve heard that…; rumor has it that…; it appears as if; it means that .

ということだ (to iu koto da)


Verb-dictionary form + ということだ
Phrase + ということだ
Noun + ということだ

ということだ (toiukotoda) can be used to give an explanation or interpretation of something. Sometimes this can be based on fact, and sometimes it is based on things that people have heard.


bukka wa raigetsu kara sarani agaru to iu koto desu.
It must mean that the prices go up next month.

miseno hito no hanashi dewa kono chihou no kome wa totemo oishii to iu koto desu.
The clerk told me that rice grown in this region was quite delicious.

shiken no kekka wa nanajuu paasento, tsumari goukaku to iu koto desu.
The results of your test were 70%. In other words, you passed.

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