わけだ (wake da)


JLPT N3 Grammar List

 the fact is, for that reason, as you’d expect, as you know,no wonder .

わけだ (wake da)



Verb-casual + わけだ
いadjective + わけだ
なadjective + なわけだ/だったわけだ
Noun + である/だった/であった + わけだ



Dōri de kare wa seikō suru wakeda.
It is no wonder that he should succeed.

Dōri de kanojo wa kono himitsu o shitte iru wakeda.
It is no wonder that she knows this secret.

Gozonji no yō ni, gengo o tankikan de shūtoku suru no wa muzukashī wakeda.
As you know, it is difficult to master the language in a short time.

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