上で (ue de)

JLPT N3 Grammar List

Meaning 1: after
Meaning 2: when, for, in order to  .

上で (ue de)



Verb-casual, past + 上で: after, upon
Verb-dictionary form + 上で: when, for, in order to
Noun + 上で: after, when



Kazoku to sōdan shita ue de watashi wa henji o shimasu.
I will give you my reaction after I have consulted my family.

Naiyō o go kakunin no ue de, sain o shite kudasai.
Please sign after confirming the details.

Kono kusuri wa setsumeisho o yoku yonda ue de, go shiyō kudasai.
Please use this medicine after reading the instructions carefully.

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