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(a combination of ingredients [often that don’t mix well], a medley of elements)

Chan is sound of a chime, pon, the sound of a hand drum. When played simultaneously the result is a dissonant, jarring sound. Chan-pon is used to mean the result of mixing things together that should not be mixed, often with unfortunate consequences-whiskey and beer, spaghetti and Japanese miso soup.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/male)

A: Kinoo wa doo shita no?
B: Sake to biiru o chan-pon ni nonda n de, hidoi futsuka yoi de sa. Totemo asa jogingu ni iku yoona jootai janakatta n da.

A: きのうはどうしたの?
B: 酒とビールをちゃんぽんに飲んだんで、ひどい二日酔いでさ。とても朝ジョギングに行くような状態じゃなかったんだ。  

A: What happened yesterday?
B: I mixed drinking sake and beer, and I got this terrible hangover. I was in no condition to go jogging in the morning.

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