Happoo Bijin

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a beauty in eight directions

(one who tries to please everyone, one who seeks popularity at the expense of integrity)

Happo means eight directions. Bijin literally means a beautiful woman. A person who wants to look attractive in eight different directions is a person trying too hard to please everyone, thus revealing a lack of integrity.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual (blunt)/male)

A: Akio no yatsu, kyooryoku shite kureru tte. Saisho wa iya da tte itta n da kedo sa.
B: Iya, aitsu wa happoo bijin da kara, ate ni naranai yo.

A: 昭男のやつ、協力してくれるって。最初はいやだって言ったんだけどさ。
B: いや、あいつは八方美人だから、あてにならないよ。

A: Akio says he’ll help us. He said he didn’t want to at first, though.
B: Well, he’s the type who tries to please everyone, so you really can’t count on him.

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