Juunin Toiro

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ten people, ten colors

(different strokes for different folks; everyone has his or her own taste; “to each his own”)

Even though there is a large measure of truth to the widespread belief that Japanese conform to the group, this often-heard phrase attests to their awareness of the differences in individual tastes.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/A=female, B=male)

A: Kondo no paatii no ryoori wa nani o tanonda no?
B: Nanika ii mono to itte mo juunin toiro dakara, nakanaka kimaranakute ne. De, kekkyoku iroiro torimazete tanomu koto ni shita n da yo.

A: 今度のパーティーの料理は何をたのんだの?
B: 何がいいものと言っても十人十色だから、なかなか決まらなくてね。で、結局いろいろとりまぜてたのむことにしたんだよ。

A: What kind of food did you order for the party?
B: Since everybody has his or her own taste, we had a hard time deciding, but we finally came up with a menu that offers a lot of variety.

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