Ne mo Ha mo Nai

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without roots or leaves

(groundless, unsubstantiated)

Roots give support to a tree much as facts give support to claims and allegations. Leaves validate the health of a tree, proving its life and vitality. With neither support (roots) nor evidence (leaves), the (tree) allegation cannot stand.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/A=male, B=female)

A: Yamada-san no okusan, uwaki shiteru rashii yo.
B: Sonna koto, Uso yo. Mattaku ne mo ha mo nai uwasa
ni kimatteru wa.

A: 山田さんの奥さん、浮気うわきしてるらしいよ。

A: Mrs. Yamada seems to be having an affair.
B: That’s not true. That’s a groundless rumor, for sure.

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