Ni no Ashi o Fumu

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to step twice in the same spot

(to hesitate, to have second thoughts before taking an action)

To step twice in the same place is not to advance forward. Thus the meaning of hesitation before continuing on a presumed or planned course of action.

Sample text:
(Style: written/informal)

Sasuga poro sukiiyaa no Hayashi-shi mo, sono yama no minami shamen o mite ni no ashi o funda. Totemo nami no sukiiyaa de wa suberesoomo nai kyuukooka ga, haruka kanata no tani made tsuzuiteiru no dearu.

さすがプロ . スキーヤーの林氏も、その山の南斜面を見て二の足を踏んだ。とても並のスキーヤーではすべれそうもない急降下が、はるかかなたの谷まで続いているのである。

Even Hayashi, a professional skier, hesitated when he faced the southern slope of the mountain. The nose-diving slope continued all the way down into the valley. The average skier wouldn’t even think about trying it.

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