Onna Sannin Yoreba Kashimashii

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Where three women gather, there is a noisy clamor

(Women tend to talk a lot)

The Chinese character for kashimashii (“clamorous”) is made up three small characters for “woman”. In Japan it is understood that when two women get together, they tend to talk a lot. When three get together, it becomes really noisy.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/male)

A: Tonari no heya, taihenna sawagashisa da.
B: Sorya soo daroo. “Onna sannin yoreba kashimashii” tte yuu noni, gonin atsumatte shabetteru n da kara ne.

A: 隣の部屋、大変な騒がしさだ。
B: そりゃ、そうだろう。『女三人寄れば姦しい』って言うのに、五人集まってしゃべってるんだからね。

A: Such a racket they’re making next door!
B: What do you expect? If it’s true that when three women gather there is a noisy clamor, now you know what it sounds like when five of them get together.

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