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cherry blossom

(a shill, a plant, a confederate)

This expression originates from the Edo period. A paid audience hired to applaud and cheer the show was seated in the section of the theater called “sakura.”

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/A=female, B=male)

A: Nani ga sonnani okashii no kashira. Ano hito sakki kara zutto waratteru wa.
B: Sakura janai ka. Okashikumo nai mandan ni hitori de 
geragera waratteru n da kara.

A: 何がそんなにおかしいのかしら。あの人さっきからずっと笑ってるわ。
B: さくらじゃないか。おかしくもない漫談まんだんにひとりでゲラゲラ笑ってるんだから。

A: What’s so funny? That guy’s been laughing awfully long.
B: Isn’t he a shill? He’s the only one laughing at the 
boring monologue.

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