Sanshoo wa Kotsubu de mo [Piririto] Karai

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Japanese peppers are hot, though small.

(small but powerful, a mighty mite, a person of ability although small in size)

Despite the small size of the Japanese pepper, it packs a powerful, spicy punch. The phrase suggests that size isn’t the only determinant of strength or ability.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/male)

A: Yoru naa. Kachoo mata shooshin da te. Iyoiyo buchoo rashii.
B: “Sanshoo wa kotsubu de mo karai” tte ne.

A: やるなあ、課長かちょうまた昇進しょうしんだって。いよいよ部長らしい。

A: Great! Our section chief has been promoted again. Looks like he’s going to be a manager now.
B: Well, they say, “Japanese peppers are hot, though 

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