Tade Kuu Mushi mo Sukizuki

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Some bugs prefer bitters.

(There is no accounting for tastes; some prefer nettles.)

This Japanese proverb acknowledges the reality that people have different tastes. Also used to warn people not to judge others by one’s own taste. Tade is smartweed, a bitter tasting plant. Yet some insects prefer it.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/A=male, B=female)

A: Aitsu naze anna ii okusan to wakarete, mata henna onna to saikon shita n daroo.
B: Datte “tade kuu mushi mo sukizuki” te you deshoo.

A: あいつなぜあんないい奥さんと別れて、また変な女と再婚したんだろう。
B: だって、「たで食う虫も好き好き」って言うでしょう。

A: Why did he divorce such a good woman and remarry such a weirdo?
B: Oh well, you know, there’s no accounting for tastes.

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