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Japanese for Everyone: A Functional Approach to Daily Communication

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audioguide_512pxGREYJapanese for EveryoneJapanese for Everyone: A Functional Approach to Daily Communication – Originally published in 1990, this acclaimed language-instruction text is recognized as one of the most user-friendly and effective programs available both for classroom use and self-study. Based on a notional-functional approach, which emphasizes the social purpose of language, Japanese for Everyone takes the absolute beginning student to a level where he or she can communicate well in everyday situations. Because the world has seen such dramatic changes since the books publication, Japanese for Everyone has been revised and updated to reflect the way we live today, including references to currency, prices and technology, maps colloquialisms and slang.

The course is divided into twenty-seven lessons, with each lesson consisting of dialogues and expressions in Japanese, together with useful cultural information enabling students to use the language as a native speaker would in a variety of real-life situations. Since the meaning and use of language in communication is the main focus, full attention is given to grammar and structure practice to hone the students ability to apply new material. Moreover, ample opportunities for written and oral practice are built into every lesson. Each lesson begins with a chapter from a continuing story, followed by functional explanations and exercises which encourage the learner to take an active part in the lessons. Equal importance is given to the development of oral and written skills; and limited use of romaji helps the student learn hiragana and katakana faster.


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