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Marugoto Starter (A1) from JAPAN FOUNDATION

[Japanese complete Courses]

audioguideMarugoto Starter (A1)

You will download:

– Marugoto A1 starter Katsudo
– Marugoto A1 starter Kirai
– Marugoto Starter Wordbook
– Marugoto Starter Competences Sakubun worksheets Lesson3-10
– Marugoto Starter Competences Sakubun worksheets Lesson11-18
– Marugoto Starter Competences Index
– Marugoto Starter Activities Index
– Marugoto Starter Activities Tasksheets for writing
– Marugoto Starter Activities Can-do Check
– Marugoto A1 Competences Nihongo Check
– How To Use Audio Files With Background Music A1

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