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Mirai, Stage 1 Course (PDFs + Audio)

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audioguideMirai, Stage 1 Course (PDFs + Audio)

The Mirai, Stage 1 Course Book is a high-energy, full-color textbook that offers a fun but challenging approach to learning the Japanese language. This book starts the first stage of study for beginning learners of Japanese.

Written for a mixed-ability classroom, Mirai features clear explanations of language structures, idiomatic expressions and appropriate language use. Chapters focus on everyday situational topics such as introducing yourself and others, school life, and telling the time. The three “parts” to the textbook, each with three units, begin with a “Learning Outcomes” section that helps to focus the lesson and an “I’ve Got it!” section at the end gives students a sense of accomplishment. The units include: an “Explanation Corner” that explains key concepts and expressions, group and individual activities, study hints, information on Japan, hiragana practice, and much more. Comics, music, and games accompany learning along the way. Authentic and up-to-date photos and maps are also presented in context so that students gain an appreciation of Japanese culture as well as language.

Stage 1 uses a unique color overlay sheet to encourage students to read hiragana even when romaji is provided. A totally romaji-free version is also available. Directions and explanations feature a balance of English and Japanese to encourage tackling activities with confidence!

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