くせに (kuse ni)

JLPT N3 Grammar List

  even though, and yet, in spite of.


Verb-Casual + くせに
Noun + のくせに
なadjective + なくせに
いadjective + くせに


Kanojo wa genkina kuse ni, byōki no furi o shite imasu.
Even though she’s fine, she’s pretending to be sick.

彼は、医者のくせに煙草を 吸っています。
Kare wa, isha no kuse ni tabako o sutte imasu.
He is a doctor but he smokes.

Kare wa gitā o hikenai kuse ni, hajikeru furi o shimasu.
Even though he can’t play the guitar, he pretends that he can.


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