っけ (kke)

JLPT N3 Grammar List

 what is… again?

We use particle っけ to indicate that the speaker is trying to recall some information.
「っけ」 is essentially a simple sound you put at the end of a sentence when you are asking about something that you are trying to recall but can’t seem to quite remember. If you want to say, “What was that thing again?” in Japanese.


Verb-casual, past + っけ
Noun + だっけ/だったっけ
いadj + かったっけ
なadj + だっけ/だったっけ


Korehananida kke?
What is this again?

Koko kara doko e ikunda kke?
Where are we going from here, again?

Jugyō wa ichi-ji kara deshita kke?
What time does class start again? From 1:00?

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