だけましだ (dake mashi da)

JLPT N2 Grammar List

 it’s better than…; one should feel grateful for.

だけましだ (dake mashi da)

Verb-casual + だけましだ
いadj + だけましだ
なadj + なだけましだ

The patterns are below:

Negative statement + BVerb: Casual
Negative statement + Bい-adjective
Negative statement + Bな-adjective + な

Although A, B is (still) true (and is good)
Follows a negative/restrictive statement A, and draws a contrast to it by adding the positive B


Kyō wa samuiga, yuki ga furanai dake mashidesu.
Although it’s cold today, I feel grateful it’s not snowing.

Kono arubaito no jikyū wa yasuidesuga, kōtsū-hi ga deru dake mashidesu.
Although hourly wages are cheap at this part-time job, I’m grateful they pay for my traveling expenses.

Kono jitensha wa furuidesuga, nai yori mashidesu.
Although this bicycle is old, it’s better than nothing.

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