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Shadowing Shuushoku Arubaito Shingaku Mensetsu Hen [PDF + Audio]

[Japanese communication books]

シャドーイング 日本語を話そう 就職・アルバイト・進学面接編 [インドネシア語・タイ語・ベトナム語訳版] | Shadowing Shuushoku Arubaito Shingaku Mensetsu Hen [PDF + Audio].

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Shadowing series of the popular, anti interview. School job interview, part time jobs, can practice various interview conversation until Smalltalk (interview before chat). With Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnamese translation on the script. Especially training focused on career motivation. Production at thorough simulation. Full interview, notes and phrases often used readily in practical advice. 2 audio CDs with.

The languages in this version:

– Indonesia

– Thai

– Vietnamese

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