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Shinbun De Manabu Nihongo – Nihongo through Newspaper Articles (revised edition)

[Japanese complete Courses]

audioguideshinbun de manabu nihongoShinbun De Manabu Nihongo – Nihongo through Newspaper Articles (revised edition)

This book Is a compilation of 60 Installments of The Japan Times’ “Communication Cues’ column, which ran from January 2005 to June 2007. In reorganizing the material Into book form, we have added exercises to check comprehension and demonstrate how new words and phrases can be applied to conversation. The aim of this book is to provide an opportunity to read and understand sample newspaper articles from various facets of modern Japan and to offer practice materials which will enable you to discuss those articles with friends and acquaintances. We have included exercises That are based on a conversational format so you can improve your speaking skills. Linguistic ability is not achieved solely through passive methods such as reading or listening comprehension. A holistic approach—reading, listening to, and talking about materials on the same topic—leads to more efficient learning. Therefore, this book offers subject matter for comprehensive language practice. We have selected a broad range of issues from Japanese society today: lifestyle topics such as cloth-ing, food and housing; the economy; education; health; annual festivals and events; changing values; environmental problems; the declining birthrate; and the scarcity of available jobs. It is our sincere hope this volume will be a great help in your acquisition of practical Japanese skills.

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