Karite Kita Neko no Yoo

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like a borrowed cat

(as shy and quiet as a kitten)

If a cat has a distant and aloof personality even within its own home, imagine how remote it would act in a strange place. The expression describes a shy, timid person who is not at home in his surroundings.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/female)

A: Asobi ni kiteiru Takahashi-san no tokoro no Masao-kun, tottemo otonashii n da te?
B: Soo rashii wa ne. Uchi de wa genki sugite komatteru 
rashii kedo, yoso no uchi de wa karite kita neko no yooni otonashii n datte.

A: 遊びにきてる高橋たかはしさんのところの正夫まさお君、とってもおとなしいんだって?

A: I hear the Takahashi’s boy Masao is visiting, but he’s really quiet.
B: That’s what I hear. He’s almost hyperactive and 
troublesome at home, but in someone else’s home, he’s as shy and quiet as a borrowed cat.

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