Atama ga Sagaru

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One’s head is bowed.

(to take off one’s hat to another, to acknowledge the exceptional effort of others)

When moved by another’s extraordinary effort, one’s head, voluntarily or involuntarily lowers in respect. Such is the reaction depicted by atama ga sagaru.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/female)

A: Hontooni ano hito no doryoku o miru to, atama ga sagaru omoi ga suru wa.
B: Dare no koto?
A: Hora, itsumo toshokan de benkyoo shiteiru wakai hito, 
Maeda-san He yuu n janakatta?

A: 本当にあの人の努力を見ると、頭が下がる思いがするわ。
B: 誰のこと?
A: ほら、いつも図書館で勉強している若い人、前田まえださんって

A: Watching that guy work, I really have to take off my hat to him!
B: What guy?
A: You know, that young guy who’s always studying in the 
library. Wasn’t his name Maeda?

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