Tsura no Kawa ga Atsui

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The skin on one’s face is thick

(uncommonly rude, having too much nerve, inconsiderate by nature)

The ideal face in Japan figuratively has a thin layer of skin so as to respond with sensitivity to others. In contrast, a thick-skinned, un-Japanese face reflects an inability to blush (to show shame), to reveal vulnerability, or to show empathy.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/female)

A: Murai-san ne, jibun ga wasureta noni, zenzen hansei shinai no yo. Sono kuse hoka no wasureta hito ni monku itteru no.
B: Sooyuu no wa tsura no kawa ga atsui tte yuu no yo. Futsuu no hito nara sonna koto zettai dekinai to omou wa.

A: 村井さんね、自分が忘れたのに、ぜんぜん反省しないのよ。そのくせ他の忘れた人に文句言ってるの。
B: そういうのは面の皮が厚いって言うのよ。普通の人ならそんなこと絶対できないと思うわ。

A: You know Ms. Murai, she herself forgot, but she wouldn’ think of apologizing! Instead, she criticizes everybody who forgot.
B: That’s what I call being uncommonly rude. A normal person could never do such a thing!

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