Ashimoto kara Tori ga Tatsu

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Birds fly up from under one’s feet.

(an unexpected departure, a surprise, a sudden happening)

What could be more startling than a pheasant or other ground-nesting bird flying up suddenly from in front of you? That’s the feeling Japanese experience when a friend or an acquaintance leaves without warning. To be caught unawares.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/female)

A: Tonari no manshon ni sundeita Kawakami-san, hikkoshita no?
B: Ee. Kyuuni Shidonii ni tenkin de ne. Mattaku 
ashimoto kara fori ga tatsu” to wa, ano koto ne. Aru hi kyuuni satto hikiharatchatta no yo.

A: となりのマンションに住んでいた川上かわかみさん、引っ越したの?
B: ええ。急にシドニーに転勤でね。全く「足もとから鳥が立
」とは。あのことね。ある日急にサッとひき払っちゃっ たのよ。

A: Did Kawakami move, the guy next door in your condominium?
B: Yeah. He was unexpectedly transferred to Sydney. 
Such a surprise, you know. Suddenly one day he simply moved out.

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