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All About Japanese Particles: ぞ (zo)

[Serie: All About Japanese Particles]

Note: Zo adds force to a sentence in a more emphatic manner than ze (#66). Used mostly by men.

1. Indicates a command or threat.

Sorosoro kaigi o hajimeru zo.
Let’s get the meeting under way.

Kondo sonna koto o shitara, zettai ni yurusanai zo.
If you do that again, I’m not going to let you get away with it. / If you do anything like that again, you’re going to pay for it.

2. Adds force to words of self-encouragement or self-urging.

Ganbaru zo.
I can do it!/ Make way. Here I come.

Kondo koso seikō suru zo.
I’m going to make it this time./ This time I’m coming up a winner.

– Source: All about particles – A handbook of Japanese function words


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