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All About Japanese Particles: ってば (-tteba)

[Serie: All About Japanese Particles]

1. Indicates annoyance with another person.

Ashita made ni dekinakereba komaru-tteba.
I’m telling you, there’s going to be trouble if it’s not done by tomorrow.

Rainen de wa ososugiru-tteba.
Next year will be too late, I’m telling you.

2. Indicates an indirect command or prohiibition.

Sonna koto o shitara, dame da-tteba.
I’m telling you that it’s no good if you do such a thing./ I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

Konpyūtā o tsukawanakereba, dekinai-tteba.
I’m telling you that you can’t do it unless you use the computer. / You won’t get anywhere unless you use the computer, I’d say.

– Source: All about particles – A handbook of Japanese function words


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