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All About Japanese Particles: ところ (tokoro)

[Serie: All About Japanese Particles]

1. Indicates that one is on the verge of doing something; preceded by the root form of the verb: “just about to.”

Kore kara dekakeru tokoro na no de, yukkuri hanashi o suru jikan wa arimasen.
Since I’m just about to go out, I don’t have time for a leisurely talk.

Yamada-san ni denwa o suru tokoro desu ga, nani ka dengon wa arimasen ka.
I’m just about to call Yamada. Do you have any messages for him?

2. Indicates that an action is presently taking place (preceded by V- te iru).

Ima tegami o kaite iru tokoro desu.
I am writing a letter just now. / I am in the midst of writing a letter.

Yakuin wa, ima sono mondai o kentō shite iru tokoro desu.
The directors now have that problem under advisement. / The directors are just now taking that problem under consideration.

3. Indicates that an action has just come to an end (preceded by V-ta).

Kare wa ima Narita ni tsuita tokoro desu.
He just now arrived at Narita [Airport].

Hirota-san wa, kyō Furansu kara kikoku shita tokoro desu yo.
Hirota just today returned from France.

4. Indicates the conclusion of a certain action at the end of a clause: “when, upon.”

Depāto ni toiawasete mita tokoro, sono shinamono wa uri-kire datta.
When I inquired at the department store, [I found that) the item was sold out. (Or, Upon asking at the department store,…)

Daigaku no tosho-kan de shirabeta tokoro, sono sakka wa shi mo kaite ita koto ga wakatta.
When I checked at the university library, I learned that the writer had written poems as well. (Or, Upon checking at the university library,…)

– Source: All about particles – A handbook of Japanese function words


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