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All About Japanese Particles: として (toshite)

[Serie: All About Japanese Particles]

1. Indicates status or position: “in the capacity of, as.”

Note: Contrast with o (#18, no. 6)

Shoppan wa, Pōrando no sakkyoku-ka toshite yūmei desu.
Chopin is famous as a Polish composer.

Kochira ga, kōkan-gakusei toshite Nihon e kita Howaito-san desu.
This is Ms.White, who has come to Japan as an exchange student.

*2. Used with “one” and counters incorporating “one”: “without exception.”

Ano hitotachi no suru shigoto wa, hitotsu toshite ii mono ga nai-n desu.
You can’t say one good thing about the work they do. (lit., [Of] the work those people do, there is not one good thing.)

Kachō wa mājan ni, ichido toshite katta koto ga arimasen.
The section chief has never once won at Majong.

– Source: All about particles – A handbook of Japanese function words


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