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Japanese Particles that Indicate Direction

Japanese Particles that Indicate Direction

1.に/へ (ni/e)

2.から (kara)

3.から…まで (kara…made)

4.より (yori)

1.に/へ (ni/e)

Indicates the direction toward which something is moving. In this sense に and へ are  interchangeable . English equivalent: “to.”

i) あるいてえききます。

I will walk to the station.

ii) 銀座ぎんざに/へくには、地下鉄ちかてつ便利べんりでしょう。

The subway is probably most convenient to go to Ginza.

iii) 柳田やなぎださんメールをおくった。

I sent an email to Yanagida-san.

iv) 明日あした何時なんじ空港くうこう行けばいいんですか。

What time should I be at (go to) the airport tomorrow?

2.から (kara)

Indicates the point from which an action starts. より (4) has the same function but is used in more formal or official situations. English equivalent: “from.”

i) 今、会社かいしゃからかえったところです。

I just now returned from the office.

ii) 昨晩さくばん何時なんじごろ友達ともだちから電話でんわがありましたか。

About what time was it last night that there was a call from my friend?

3.から…まで (kara…made)

Indicates the starting place and ending place of an action. English equivalent: “from … to.”




Matsumoto: About how long (how many minutes) does it take from the station to the hotel?

Station attendant: About five minutes.

ii) ホノルルから横浜よこはままでふねかえります。

I came back from Honolulu to Yokohama by boat.

4.より (yori)

Indicates the starting point of an action; more formal or official-sounding than から (2). English equivalent: “from.”

i) さくらホテルは、えき東口ひがしぐちよりあるいて5ふん

On foot, the Sakura Hotel is five minutes from the east exit of the station.

ii) 来週らいしゅうは、関西かんさいより九州きゅうしゅう移動いどう予定よていです。

Next week, the schedule calls for me/us to move (travel) from Kansai to Kyushu.

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