Asameshi Mae

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before the morning meal

(a piece of cake, an easy task)

Meshi literally means cooked rice. The morning’s cooked rice (breakfast) is the first source of energy for the day. A task that can be complete even before one’s first meal is something requiring almost no effort.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/A=female, B=male)

A: Kondo no koorasu no renshuu ne, yooji de derarenaku natta no. Kiyohara-san piano no bansoo hikiukete kureru kashira.
B: Daijoobu desho. Kitto hikiukete kureru n janai? Koorasu no bansoo nante kanojo ni totte wa, honno asameshi mae dashi ne.

A: 今度のコーラスの練習ね、用事で出られなくなったの。清原さんピアノの伴奏引き受けてくれるかしら。
B: 大丈夫でしょ。きっと引き受けてくれるんじゃない?コーラスの伴奏なんて彼女にとっては、ほんの朝飯前だしね。

A: Something’s come up, and I can’t make the next chorus practice. I was wondering if Ms. Kiyohara would be willing to take over the piano accompaniment.
B: I’m sure she’ll substitute for you, all right. For her, playing the accompaniment for the chorus is a piece of cake.

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