Ame ga Furoo to Yari ga Furoo to

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雨が降ろう と槍が降ろうと

even if rain falls or spears fall

(no matter what, under any circumstances)

This expression reflects the firm determination Japanese are expected to have toward achieving their goal. Once the objective is set, after extensive deliberation and consideration, “come hell or high water,” the project will be brought to a successful conclusion.

Sample text:
(Style: written informal)

Sankagetsu mo moe kara yotei shiteita ryokoo da kara, ashita wa ame ga furoo to yari ga furoo to shuppatsu suru tsumori da.

三か月も前から予定していた旅行だから、明日は雨が降ろう とやりが降ろうと出発するつもりだ。

I’ve been planning this trip for three months, so I intend to leave tomorrow, no matter what.

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