Hane o Nobasu

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to stretch one’s wings

(to cut loose, to get rid of inhibition)

Away from home or the office, without constraints of position in society or conformity of rank within the Japanese company, one is more free to be adventurous. Hane o nobasu carries connotations of “sowing a few wild oats” as well as “letting one’s hair down.”

Sample text:
(Style: written/informal)

Nihonjin wa shigoto nado de isogashii no ga suki da keredo, toki ni wa shigoto ya katei o hanarete, ryokoo ya rejaa o tanoshinde, hane o nobasu koto mo aru.

日本人は仕事などで忙しいのが好きだけれど、時には仕事や 家庭をはなれて、旅行やレジャーを楽しんで、羽根はねを伸ばすこともある。

Japanese prefer to be busy at work; but sometimes when they set foot outside the worksite and away from their homes to travel or pursue leisure activities, they really cut loose.

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