Chiri mo Tsumoreba Yama to Naru

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piled-up specks of dust become a mountain

(Little things add up; “Mountains are made from grains of sand.” Small efforts, when accumulated, bring great success.)

This expression teaches the moral that, little by little and bit by bit, one’s persistent efforts will lead to achievement. Even the smallest of efforts, however trivial they may seem at the time, will contribute toward one’s ultimate success.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/A=male, B=female)

A: Okane sonna sukoshi zutsu no chokin ja, nakanaka tamaranai ne.
B: Demo “chiri mo tsumoreba yama to naru” tte yuu desho.

A: お金そんな少しずつの貯金じゃ、なかなかたまらないね。
B: でも、「ちりも積もれば山となる」って言うでしょ。

A: What good is it going to do me to put aside so little savings each time?
B: But remenber the saying, “Mountains are made from grains of sand”.

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