Gomame no Hagishiri

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little fish grinding their teeth

(of no consequence, powerless)

If sharks were to grind their teeth, it might be a big deal. Shock waves would radiate in all directions. But a bunch of little fish furiously grinding their teeth is of no consequence. Who would know? Who would care?

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/male)

A: Konnendo no shinnyuu buin wa monku bakari itteru ne.
B: Ki ni shinai, ki ni shinai. Doose gomame no hagishiri 
na n da kara, ima made doori ni yatte ikeba ii sa.

A: 今年度の新入部員しんにゅうぶいん文句もんくばかり言ってるね。
B: 気にしない、気にしない。どうせごまめの歯ぎしりなんだ

A: This year’s new club members do nothing but complain.
B: Don’t worry, don’t worry. What they say is of no 
consequence anyway. We’ll just carry on as we always have.

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