Hachi no Su o Tsutsuita Yoo

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like poking a beehive

(bedlam, chaotic, frenzied)

The impression is that of a swarm of noisy bees buzzing around in a frenzy of confusion. Complete bedlam that one is not happy about.

Sample text:
(Style: written/informal)

Nigakki no hajime. Sensei ga kuru mae, kodomo tachi wa natsuyasumi no hanashi ya shukudai no koto nado, waiwai gayagaya. Marude hachi no su o tsutsuita yoona sawagashisa da.

二学期にがっきのはじめ。先生が来る前、子供達は夏休みの話や宿題 のことなど、ワイワイガヤガヤ。まるではちをつついたよ うなさわがしさだ。

The beginning of the second semester. Before the teacher shows up, the children are chatting about their summer vacations and about their assignments. It’s chaotic.

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