Mizu o Utta Yoo

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as if after scattered water

(so quiet you could hear a pin drop, dead silence)

When performing the Tea Ceremony, it’s customary to scatter water along the entrance path. This ritual indicates preparation. The water cleans; it moistens the soil to contain the dust. It also deadens the sound.

Sample text:
(Style: written/informal)

Kontesuto no nyuushoosha no happyoo ga hajimatta. Shikaisha ga maiku no mae ni tatsu to, kaijoo wa isshun mizu o utta yoona shizukesa ni natta.

コンテストの入賞者にゅうしょうしゃの発表がはじまった。司会者がマイクの 前に立つと、会場は一瞬いっしゅん水を打ったようなしずけさになった。

The contest winners were about to be announced. When the Master of Ceremonies stepped up to the microphone, the crowd got so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

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