Tsuru no Hitokoe

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the cry of the crane

(voice of authority, unchallengeable order)

According to Japanese folklore, cranes live for a thousand years. It seems that old, white-haired village leaders live nearly as long. As the respected authority, the “wise old bird” is able to mobilize the village. Thus, a powerful voice from the acknowledged leader (regardless of age) is tsuru no hitokoe.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/male)

A: Kyoo no kaigi wa zuibun shussekiritsu ga ii nee.
B: Sasaki-san shitteru daro? Kanojo no tsuru no hitokoe 
de isogashii noni minna atsumattan da yo.

A: 今日の会議は随分出席率ずいぶんしゅっせきりつがいいねえ。
B: 佐々木ささきさん知ってるだろ?彼女のつるの一声で忙しいのにみ

A: Attendance at today’s meeting was terrific, wasn’t it?
B: You know Ms. Sasaki, don’t you? It’s her voice of 
authority that got everyone to attend.

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