Takane no Hana

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flower on a high peak

(unrealizable desire, an unobtainable object, something out of one’s reach)

Wistfully, a prize you can see but simply cannot reach. The beautiful flower is so far away that there is no real hope of picking it. Used to describe the object of desire which is completely out of reach.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/A=female, B=male)

A: Yamamoto kun ne, Yooko-san ni kataomoi na n da tte.
B: Sorya, minoranu koi da. Aite ga Yooko-san jo, takane 
no hana da kara naa.

A: 山本君やまもとくんね、洋子ようこさんに片思かたおもいなんだって。
B: そりゃ、みのらぬ恋だ。相手が洋子さんじゃ、高嶺たかねの花だからなあ。

A: You know Yamamoto, right? The rumor is he’s in love with Yoko, but it’s a one-way affair.
B: Oh boy! That kind of love is fruitless. His heart may be 
set on Yoko, but she really is an unobtainable prize.

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