Neko no Te mo Karitai

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willing to accept even the helping hand of a cat

(swamped, shorthanded, “up to one’s eyeballs” in work)

This phrase indicates an intense degree of need. Cats are useless when it comes to assisting people. If one will go so far as to accept even the help of a cat, one really is in desperate need.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/female)

A: Ano, chotto gomennasai. Koko no jimusho, kyoo, hikkoshi de, neko no te mo karitai yoona isogashisa na no. Atode denwa suru wa.

A: あの、ちょっとごめんなさい。個々ここ事務所じむしょ、今日、しで、猫の手も借りたいような忙しさなの。あとで電話するわ。

A: Uh, sorry. You know at our office we’re in the middle of a move today and we’re swamped. I’ll call you later.

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