Watari ni Fune

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a boat to cross on

(timely assistance, something that saves the day )

Poetically, “when you need to cross the river, luckily you find a boat to take you.” The phrase means to “luck out.” Used when something fortunate occurs when you need it most. A timely stroke of luck.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/female)

A: Kodomo no mendoo o mite kureru hito o sagashiteta n da kedo, nakanaka ii hito ga inakute ne. Soshitara kyuuni tonari ni choodo ii hito ga utsutte kita no yo. Dooshiyoo ka to komatteita n da kedo, watari ni fune to wa kono koto ne.

A: 子供のめんどうを見てくれる人をさがしてたんだけど、なかなかいい人がいなくてね。そしたら急に隣にちょうどいい人が移って来たのよ。どうしようかと困っていたんだけど、渡りに舟とはこのことね。

A: I was searching everywhere for someone who could look after my child, but I couldn’t find anyone. Then all of a sudden the perfect person moved in next door! I was getting desperate, but she saved the day!

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