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All About Japanese Particles: どころ (dokoro)

[Serie: All About Japanese Particles]

1. Emphasizes a negative action or state as against the impossobility of a contrasting positive action or state: “It is out of the question, unthinkable, far from.”

Konogoro wa shigoto ga isogashikute, ryokō ni iku dokoro de wa nai.
I’ve been so busy lately, taking a trip is unthinkable.

Ano hito wa shūsai dokoro no hanashi ja nakute, maru de tensai desu ne.
It is not a matter of his being brilliant; he is an absolute genius.

2. In the form dokoro ka, negates the first of two parallel nouns: “far from; not merely.”

Futsū wa ichi-jikan gurai kakaru ga, kinō wa michi ga konde ite, ichi-jikan dokoro ka san-jikan mo kakatta.
Ordinarily it takes an hour, but yesterday the roads were so crowded that, far from one hour, it took three.

Ano hito wa Eigo dokoro ka, Furansu-go mo yoku dekimasu yo.
He is good not merely at English, but at French as well.

– Source: All about particles – A handbook of Japanese function words


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