Kusai Mono ni wa Futa o Suru

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to cover foul-smelling things

(to opt for short-term solutions, to [temporarily] push aside and ignore problems)

Offenses to the nose are likely to command immediate attention. But simply to put a lid over the smell is not to make the source of the problem go away. Thus the meaning of a stop-gap or temporary fix.

Sample text:
(Style: written/informal)

Ano hookoku de wa, konpontekina mondai ni genkyuu shiteinai. Yoosuruni “kusai mono ni wa fuda o suru” to yuu hooshin na n daroo ga, mondai ga shinkokuka suru no wa, tannaru jikan no mondai to ieru.


That report completely glosses the fundamental issues. In short, they are talking the position of (temporarily) avoiding and ignoring the problem; but it’s merely a matter of time before the problem assumes serious proportions.

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