Mizu ni Nagasu

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to set things adrift

(to forgive and forget, to let bygones be bygones)

A river carries bad memories away. By setting adrift the pain of a romantic breakup or the betrayal by a once-trusted friend, you start things anew. Once into the river’s flow, the thing-to-forget heads downstream, never to return.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/formal/female)

A: Desukara, sore wa moo wasuremashoo. Mukashi no koto wa mizu ni nagashite, mata yari nooshimashoo yo.
B: Soo ne. Sore ga ichiban ii wa ne.

A: ですから、それはもう忘れましょう。昔のことは水に流し、またやり直しましょうよ。
B: そうね。それが一番いいわね。

A: So let’s forget about those days. Let bygones be bygones and try it again.
B: Yes. That looks like the best idea.

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