Sashimi no Tsuma

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garnish for raw fish

(insignificant participant, uninfluential presence)

However attractive, the garnish that accompanies a serving of sashimi is of no significance. Some people may not even notice its presence. Such is the degree of dismissal sashimi no tsuma carries when used in discounting the importance of a person’s attendance at a meeting or gathering.

Sample text:
(Style: spoken/casual/female)

A: Yuri-san to yuushoku ni iku yotei janakatta no?
B: Doose watashi ga shusseki shite mo sashimi no tsuma da kara docchi demo ii no yo.

A: ゆりさんと夕食に行く予定じゃなかったの?
B: どうせ私が出席しても刺身のつまだからどっちでもいいのよ。

A: Weren’t you supposed to go to a dinner party with Yuri?
B: Well, even if I attend, my presence there doesn’t really matter, so it’s not important if I go or not.

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